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So while the copywriter is specifically targeting an advertising or web marketing goal through its own content, the intent of the content writer's writing is to stimulate users to reading and paying someone to do your assignment so that they stay on that particular page and acquire interest towards the topic (and consequently the brand) treated. Often the two professional figures coexist in a single person, who has the ability to attract and convince at first glance, relying on emotional rather than rational stimuli, but at the same time possessing the ability to know how to produce a well-argued content and of real quality. Who is the Storyteller? It is not easy to give a concise and limited definition of the storyteller's activity. We can say, however, that this is a figure that uses a particular narrative technique to tell a story. It aims to engage and stimulate the reader to create empathy, in which everyone can recognize themselves as protagonists of history.

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