Persona collection

Persona Collection

Persona: Persona: The aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others.

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Sketch the main thread of your love story. The main thread of your novel is the heart of your story. It contains the knot of the story, the possible conflicts between the characters, the happy or sad ending, and many other elements. It's up to you to decide how the plot will develop. The frame serves as a framework to create dramatic tension and, most importantly, allows you to have a red thread when writing. Think first about the places where your story will take place but also the obstacles your characters will have to overcome. By the way: a "happy end" is obviously not an obligation! Find the right environment to write. Each author has his own habits during the writing work. While some work in a very structured way and sit at their tables every day to write for a certain period of time, others will need to work at intervals and find longer periods of time to be able to devote 'writing. Many romance writers love to write my essay no plagiarism in a romantic, relaxing and silent atmosphere. Find out for yourself in which environment you feel most comfortable and in the best mindset to focus on writing.