How to Become an Expert Hairdresser?

Hairdressing is a global profession because hairdressers are in demand in every nook and corner of the world. This job is not restricted to geographical areas and hence, there are a lot of opportunities for you to grab the scissors and comb and make your mark on the world. Hairdressing is a profession that is fueled by your passion and desire for learning. The key to becoming an expert hairdresser is to gain adequate skills and hone them according to ever-changing needs and trends. A hairdresser is not limited to cut and style the hair but you need to learn a variety of things to garner attention from your clients.


Top Skills Required to Become a Hairdresser

Every job requires a specific skill set and when you are a hairdresser, you are in a constant need to make your clients happy and satisfied. Listed below are a few skills that help build your career:

·         Interpersonal Skills

·         Attention to Details

·         Creativity and an Eye for Art

·         Time Management

·         Client Relationship Management

·         Communication Skills

·         Proactive Learning

·         Constant Upgradation


Although all these skills may sound easy to acquire – they are not. If you are considering your career in this, you will need to go through extensive training. Check Saco Hair Academy if you want to enrol for hairdressing courses in Montreal. They have experts who will train you to acquire innovative and creative techniques that you need to excel in the field.


How Long Will It Take to Learn the Techniques?

Saco Hair Academy is an excellent hair school in Montreal. They offer their learners a life-time experience and practical expertise, unlike other academies. They believe that proper training and exposure are quintessential to help a person tighten their grip in the profession. Being one of the most popular names in the world of hairdressing – the academy houses dynamic trainers who are famous in the industry.


They are offering 12 weeks of course that will have a complete focus on classic and modern cutting techniques for men grooming. The foundation course is what you should not miss at any cost as that will be your opportunity for becoming a modern and expert hairdresser.



In our Cosmetology School we are offering a Cosmetology Course for 36 weeks. Our small class numbers aim to give each individual student lots of personal attention. The Foundation Course incorporates practical theory, hands-on workshops, demonstrations, retailing techniques, business building and extensive practical experience on the salon floor. 


Saco Academy is recognized in the world for its unparalleled Hairdressing Course, a second to none education which delivers all the important skills towards becoming a modern hairdressing professional. Saco has an International pedigree as a Global Educational Leader. Our Foundation Program coupled with Seasonal Collections, delivered by our highly skilled and passionate instructors, provide you with not only a strong technical foundation and creative eye but also, help build your confidence as you prepare to enter an exiting career.  


Start your Own Business

Barber Schools in Montreal often do not focus on the personal development of the learner while Saco Academy fails to ignore the fact that the learner must grow themselves simultaneously throughout the course. It is widely known to offer the best barber courses in Montreal at an affordable course price.

You can start your own business after getting trained at the hairdressing school in Montreal. Your friends and family will be one of your first few clients and there are a lot of ways to keep your business afloat. You can start your website and do social media marketing to promote your salon.


Why Saco Hair Academy?

The answer is – they are the BEST! They are in the industry for quite a few time now and have marked their presence by innovative and creative solutions. Their program has different modules that consist of different training aspects for the overall training and development.