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Joining SACO Academy is an ideal way to launch or advance your career. From the extensive job opportunities and unrivaled experience in the beauty world, to the exceptional exposure of real in-salon experts, SACO can help you establish your future as a professional. And it’s one place where you can be assured that what you do makes a difference in this ever-changing industry, each day.

Book a tour and find compelling answers to the question of why you should join – including a breakdown of the various benefits and education opportunities available. Plus, get practical information on what it takes to join and how to go about it – with a look at the qualification and commitment standards for SACO FOUNDATION course, step-by-step overview of the enrolment process.

If you’re ready to join SACO, you’ll be promoting your own personal and professional development – and giving yourself a clear-cut advantage over your peers in the field.

WHY JOIN? At SACO, you’ll find there’s much more to be gained than just a license to do hair. In fact, the SACO experience can shape your future through outstanding learning habits, unparalleled career potential, and the lifestyle of freedom and personal growth that you’ve been waiting for. We boast the highest teacher to student ratio in the industry for this type of course!

Qualifications and commitment: To join the SACO ACADEMY, you must meet certain qualifications and commit to serve a specified amount of time. It should go without saying that the students in the world’s most capable hair academy hold themselves to the highest personal standards. You can count yourself among them. After meeting the basic entry requirements, it’s all a matter of who you are on the inside.

Getting stared: You’ve done your research. You’ve read up on SACOHAIR, exploring this site and other recommended sites of interest.

And now that you’re ready to take the next step, here’s what to do

For more information on all Saco courses or to speak to one of our teaching team directly, email us at enrollment@sacohair.com